Eid Takbeerat      
Eid Takbeerat      
The course registrations for Ahsan-ul-Bayan & Al-Furqan 2017 are open for a short duration.  
live broadcast
live broadcast

Islamic Date & Time

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Arrahmah Course Policies

Only Sisters can register for this Course.

Students are expected to attend classes regularly and meet all of the following requirements in order to receive certificate:

  • Tafseer, Tajweed & Seerah class attendance must be maintained at 90%.
  • The attendance in group activity session should be atleast 70%.
  • When a student misses class or group activity session because of a valid excuse, it is the student's responsibility to notify the group leader and provide an explanation.
  • Students must submit all Tests (including Seerah tests) in time.

How To Join Class Via Internet

Friday Live Tafseer Class at 9:15 am USA/EST on:
Paltalk >>> Rooms>>>Religion & Spirituality>>>Islam >>>ArRahmah Taleem ul Quran 2013

For Live Broadcast, click here
Live Broadcast

For Live Lecture thru Paltalk, click here
Paltalk Live Lecture

Hadith Class at 12:00 pm USA/EST Every Monday on:
Paltalk >>> Rooms>>>Religion & Spirituality>>>Islam >>>ArRahmah Hadeeth Class 2014
& Live Broadcast

Seerah Class at 12:30 pm USA/EST Every alternate Tuesday on:
Paltalk >>> Rooms>>>Religion & Spirituality>>>Islam >>>ArRahmah Taleem ul Quran 2013
& Live Broadcast

How To Join Class Via Phone

Friday Live Tafseer Class at 9:15 am USA/EST

Access Code: 491760789#

Access number for Students in UK

Dial:0203 5400 792
ext: 491760789#

24 hrs Play Back #:

Access Code: 521915#.

Tajweed Practice on Monday at 9:30 am USA/EST

Code: 122405#

24 hrs Play Back #:

Access Code: 122405 #

Help in listening Tajweed on Monday by sister Saboohi at 10:30am USA/EST

Access Code: 854848# 

Seerah Class on Tuesday at 12:30 pm USA/EST

Access Code: 491760789#

24 hrs Play Back #:

Access Code: 662106 #

Class Schedules

Friday Tafseer Class:
9:15 am- 12:15 pm USA/EST.

Monday Tajweed Class On Phone & Paltalk:
9:30 am - 11:00 am USA/EST

Monday help in listening Tajweed by sister Naaima:
10:15 am

Monday help in listening Tajweed by sister Saboohi:
10:30 am

Tuesday Seerah Class Live at NBIC, also on phone, Paltak & Live Broadcast
12:30 pm

Registration Forms & Flyers

Aaj ki Naiki
ArRahmah Flyer (colored)
ArRahmah Flyer (B/W)
ArRahmah Volunteer Form
Ahsan al Bayan Flyer
Ahsan al Bayan Reg Form
Al-Furqan Flyer
Al-Furqan Reg Form

About ArRahmah

ArRahmah is a Registered non-profit organization, started its online journey in 2007 from New Jersey, USA and provided weekly Tarjuma, Tafseer and Tajweed classes. It initially catered to the needs of sisters in the area and neighboring states but by the special blessing of Allah swt we now serve students globally.(see details)

ArRahmah's Aim

To spread the word of our Lord to every person regardless of age,education,location or cultural background ... Arrahma aims at providing very flexible schedule for online classes giving women the freedom to gain knowledge at their own time and place.

In detail explanation
of the verses of Quran

The Seerah of our beloved Rasoolullah (saw)

A unique flexible schedule course
, covers word to word meaning and tafseer of Quran

A unique WhatsApp Tafseer ul Quran course