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I don’t have any words to tell you, Allah aap ko apni hifazat mein rakhay, har buri shar say bachaey, 20 saal say mein Quran ko meaning say padhnay aur samajhnay ki bahut koshish ki, har masjid mein inquiry karti lakin mujhay koee nahi mila, aur mainay Socha kay mera ek ladka hai us ko Quran e Hafiz banaoongi lakin woh bhi nahi ho saka, lakin Allah to janta hai har kisi kay dil ka haal, ek din Arrahma ki team say message aya kay , if you want to join this Quran class group then press this button, phir mein aap kay Taleemul Quran ki student ho gaee,Subhan’Allah mujhay itni acchi Ustaada aur itni acchI aap ki team kay members milay ,Alllah sab ki hifazat karay sab ko khair aur abad rakhay, aur Ustaada aap ki tafseer aur meaning ki Quran class hoti hai dil karta hai din aur raat ek jagah baith kar bas tafseer sunti rahoon, Jaisay pehlay ham andhay thay ab Allah nay aankhain di hai , Quran ko daikh kar aur samjh kar padhnay ki koshish karna, aur Quran kay ek ek word kay kitnay deep meanings hai yeh to ab pata chala , I have so much words to tell you but can’t write . Allah aap ko lambeee umar day, with good health, aur aap ki family ki hifazat karay, khush rakhay aap ko aur aap ki team ko. Aur hamay hamesha aap ki class ko attend karnay ki, Quran par chalnay ki ,Aur Allah kay hukm par chalnay ki puri puri taufeeq day . آمین

As salaam u alaikum wr wb pyari ustazah jazakallahu khairan katheera for helping us doing all azkaar of qiyamul lail n Jazakallahu khairan katheera for the lovely series Duniya ke aye musafir from which we got to learn alot abt azaab e khabar and to fear Allah (Swt)... Allah hum sab ko amal karne ki taufeeq Ata karein aur hame hidayat de ke hum is raaste to Thame rakhein... Aameen ya rabbul Alameen

asalamoalikum dear ustaza apk ly bht sara pyar or mohbt Allah talla apko bht khush rakhy.. aj ka lecture bht hi acha tha first time ma ne in ayaat ko itna deeply smjha h or ink bary ma soucha qk hum inko rozana parhte hn magr matlb nh pta inka.. or ye kahna chahti hon k ye mera pehla sal h arrahma ma i am new student and mera first ramzan tha apk sath bht hi maza aya bht acha laga aj ki naiki k lectures duniya k aye musafir life changing series rahi mere ly.. or odd nights ka program bht hi zbrdst tha is tarha se pehle kbi b raten nh jagi ma ne.. apka bht bht shukriya apne itna kch sikhya or jese ap zikar krwati thi bilkl aese lgta tha k ap mri mama hn mjh parhwa rahi hn bht khushi hoti thi mjh bht maza aya really ma apni feelings nh bayan kar skti words ma.. jazak Allah khairan kaseera ustaza g

Assalamualikum. Dear ustaza May Allah swt bless u with gud health and long life. Am deeply touched by your effective lectures on general topics and ofcourse best understanding of Quran.. alhamdulillah the day I joined ur institute was by best decision ever.. Alhamdulillah.Actually want to make a request on behalf of all the Indians as we r going thru very tough times due to corona ,cyclones,and nw it’s locusts attacks in parts of India. Can u plz give a short lecture on these type of azaabs (locust..which is mentioned in quran also)..and hw we can protect ourselves and ppl frm this in light of Hadith and Quran. Because I feel ur lectures r very touching and they will definitely melt hearts and bring change in ppl after listening to them.. in sha Allah.... May Allah swt bless u with gud health andhappiness of both the worlds.ameen With lots of luv ❤️... yousra fathima (Student of Fehm ul Quran)
Assalamo Alaykum, I'm originally from Pakistan & moved to USA as a teenager with my parents & basically learned Islam from my parents, you know doing obligatory 5 pillars of Islam. I am turning 50 & barely a Muslim Emoji I have 4 kids, my 2 daughters are married & taught my children same as what I learned from my parents & thought I'm a good Muslim. My whole family (over 150 people) lives here in US for more than 50 years & all of us follow Islam in above manners. I started taking classes in February 2017 & it has been such a big impact on my life. ALHAMDULILLAH, stopped listing to the music completely. Absolutely haven't seen any TV or movies since Ramadan, I use to be obsess with TV always watched movie premiers first show at midnight. Start wearing more conservative clothes, I am covering my head more properly. Don't go wasting money on unnecessary things, stop buying branded products (first time in my life didn't do Black Friday shopping). Don't go to mayon, mehndis, or anywhere where there is music.Most importantly trying to be a role model for girls in the family, they look up to me... I'm a fashion designer, so my cousins, nieces sort of follow what I do, or at least take advise/notes from me.First time last week I've spoke to girls about how or what I'm going through & try to guide them to learn Quran as well. InshaALLAH, I know something will change in them, I have full faith in ALLAH! I can not thank you enough for guiding me to the light, from bottom of my heart JazakALLAH ekhairen Katheera

Assalamlaikum, 6 months ago I started a new job in Sydney and I had to travel 3 hours daily in train. Some of my friend sent one of your tazkeer lesson on what’s app and I found it very useful for me. I google Arrahma and sent a message that I have travel time to learn Islam please send me some more of your lectures. Some kind sister start sending me regular almisbah lessons and hayate Tayyaba lessons on what’s app Now I have always. Something on my iPhone to listen during travel time with time flexibility I really enjoy your talks both Quran and seerat Specially seertat lecture I feel I am seeing all those makka and madina events in real life as I am there . I have never read seerat in this detailed manner . Your description is very thorough and clear. I am a consultant doctor in a hospital in Sydney and it is absolutely not possible for me to go and attend a religion lecture due to work and family commitments. But now I can learn about Quran and seerat well on my phone during travel I listen your lectures multiple times as more I listen more I find good rules for my life. I send them to my friends as well. You can not imagine how a voice from USA can be heard in Sydney in such a beautiful way straight entering into the heart. Jazakallah and thank you very much for spreading this beautiful message to all over the world.