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English Course Tests

1-Please DO NOT DISCUSS the test at all, with anyone whosoever, in the class until she has already attempted it.
2-Once you open the test, you are not allowed to open any Quran or notes and are required to complete the test in one sitting.
3-Last but not least, REMEMBER Allah (swt) is watching you.

🔸 This Test is ONLY for those students who are doing English course as registered students . 🔸There will be 10 word to word meaning questions and 5 tafseer Questions. 🔸 You will be given words and tafseer Questions from above ayah with multiple choice and you have to choose the correct answer. 🔸 All questions must be answered without opening notes or Quran, so please review your notes. 🔸Test will be online and you have to attempt in one sitting 🔸Test must be attempted once and multiple attempts won’t be accepted. Your first attempt will be considered your final attempt. 🔸Before submitting plz take a screen shot of your test. This is amanah plz send first attempt screen shot. 🔸once you submit your test, your test result can be viewed right away on next page, please take a screenshot or picture and send it to your group Incharge. You will also get ur test result in ur email.

English Course
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