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 Juz 30 Hifz  (عمّ)
An-Naba' (The Great News)   
An-Nazi'aat (Those Who pull out)   
Abasa (He frowned)   
At-Takwir (The Overthrowing)   
Al-Infitaar (The Cleaving)   
Surah Al-Kahaf   
Al-Mutaffifin (Those Who Deal in Fraud)   
Dua For Deceased   
Al-Inshiqaq (The Splitting Asunder)   
Dua Surah Al-Furqan Ayah 74   
Dua Surah Al-Furqan Ayah 65,66   
Dua Surah Ash Shua'raa Ayah 83,84,85   
Dua Surah An-Naml Ayah 19   
Dua Surah Al-Qasas Ayah 24   
Al-Burooj (The Big Stars)   
 At-Tariq (The Night Comer)  
 Al-A'la (The Most High)  
Dua Istaftaah (Part 1)  
Dua Istaftaah (Part 2)  
Dua Sajda Tilawat   
Dua for Travelling   
 Ghashiya (The Overwhelming)  
Al-Fajr (The Break of Day or the Dawn)  
Dua Surah Al-Hashr Ayah 10   
Dua Surah Al-Mumtahina Ayah 5   
Al-Balad (The City)  
Ash-Shams (The Sun)  
Al-Lail (The Night)  
Ad-Duha (The Forenoon - After Sunrise)
Ash-Sharh (The Opening Forth)
At-Tin (The Fig)
Al-Alaq (The Clot)
Al-Qadr (The Night of Decree)
Al-Baiyyinah (The Clear Evidence)
Al-Zalzalah (The Earthquake)
Al-Aadiyaat (Those that run)
Al-Qari'ah (The Striking Hour)
 At-Takaathur (The Piling up)
Al-Asr (The Time)
Al-Humazah (The Slanderer)
 Al-Feel (The Elephant)
Al-Maa'oon (The Small Kindnesses)
Al-Kauthar (A River in Paradise)
Al-Kaafiroon (The Disbelievers)
An-Nasr (The Help)
 Al-Masad (The Palm Fiber)
 Al-Ikhlaas or At-Tauhid (The Purity)
Al-Falaq (The Daybreak)
An-Naas (Mankind)