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Tests & Assignments

1-Please DO NOT DISCUSS the test at all, with anyone whosoever, in the class until she has already attempted it.
2-Attempt the test very neatly.
3-Once you open the test, you are not allowed to open any Quran or notes.
4-You are required to complete the test in one sitting.
5-Once you are done with the test, seal it in an envelope before you move away.
6-Last but not least, REMEMBER Allah(swt) is watching you.


1. Print out a hard copy of PDF test. 
2. Fill out the answers in the time frame designated on the test itself.
3. Please write your answer with blue pen. No red ink allowed.
4. Please write word to word meaning under each word. Do Not write running meaning of the whole ayah.
5. Please revise the test before mailing it. 
6. Please verify the address again, where you need to post the test.
7. All international students please email attempted test to
8. For North America students please include self addressed envelope.
8a: For USA students, please put the stamp in return test envelope according to your test weight.
8b: For Canada students, Please send only self addressed envelope, we will put stamp on it.
9. For those students who don't want their test results on website, please mention at the end of your test.

Juz 30 Test 2
Due Date: For Students August 14th , 2019
Due Date: For Group Incharges August 10th, 2019
Address To send The Test:

ArRahmah Islamic Institute
20 Poplar Ave,
North Brunswick, NJ 08902

All International and Canadian students please email attempted test to