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Students Reflections
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Assalam o alaikum wa rahmatullahibwabarakatuhu I m really overwhelmed with ur weekly dua azkar n sunnah series... Every monday i desperately wait for it n listen it with my 9 yrs old daughter.i m so glad that she also listen it with interest n follow it .... we made a poster n stick on door as our reminder and its really helping us alot...during this summer break we make it a 6weeks goal... Alhamdulillah its really beneficial for all age groups... JazakAllah khair for ur endless efforts

meri piyari ustaza g...!! Ap k lectures dil men utar jate hen.. jab jab is dunya men khone lagti hun ap k lectures sun k dil phir se akhirat k liye fikar mand hojata he... Apka bohot shukria jazak Allah khair ❤....

As salaam o alaikum ,I take this opportunity to thank everyone in this group and the team of Ar -Rahma ,just with one class I got to learn so much Alhamdulillah.just sharing my experience ,today when I was reading surahtul Kahf I could understand so many words and Alhamdulillah understood the gist of what the Surah was trying to convey.i hope and pray tat Allah makes it easy for all of us to understand his book and follow the guidelines to lead a better life in sha Allah .sorry for the long post but couldn’t help share my happiness 😃jazakallah khair for bearing with me.

you r like a friend or mostly like my second mother who has always guided me allah has sent u to me to guide me alhamdulilah and whenever something bad happens i first run to allah and then to tell everything that I can't even tell my parents about you r really special to me may allah give u and your family good health protect u always..ameen
don’t have any words to tell you, Allah aap ko apni hifazat mein rakhay, har buri shar say bachaey, 20 saal say mein Quran ko meaning say padhnay aur samajhnay ki bahut koshish ki, har masjid mein inquiry karti lakin mujhay koee nahi mila, aur mainay Socha kay mera ek ladka hai us ko Quran e Hafiz banaoongi lakin woh bhi nahi ho saka, lakin Allah to janta hai har kisi kay dil ka haal, ek din Arrahma ki team say message aya kay , if you want to join this Quran class group then press this button, phir mein aap kay Taleemul Quran ki student ho gaee,Subhan’Allah mujhay itni acchi Ustaada aur itni acchI aap ki team kay members milay ,Alllah sab ki hifazat karay sab ko khair aur abad rakhay, aur Ustaada aap ki tafseer aur meaning ki Quran class hoti hai dil karta hai din aur raat ek jagah baith kar bas tafseer sunti rahoon, Jaisay pehlay ham andhay thay ab Allah nay aankhain di hai , Quran ko daikh kar aur samjh kar padhnay ki koshish karna, aur Quran kay ek ek word kay kitnay deep meanings hai yeh to ab pata chala , I have so much words to tell you but can’t write . Allah aap ko lambeee umar day, with good health, aur aap ki family ki hifazat karay, khush rakhay aap ko aur aap ki team ko. Aur hamay hamesha aap ki class ko attend karnay ki, Quran par chalnay ki ,Aur Allah kay hukm par chalnay ki puri puri taufeeq day . آمین

Assalamualikum. Dear ustaza May Allah swt bless u with gud health and long life. Am deeply touched by your effective lectures on general topics and ofcourse best understanding of Quran.. alhamdulillah the day I joined ur institute was by best decision ever.. Alhamdulillah I feel ur lectures r very touching and they will definitely melt hearts and bring change in ppl after listening to them.. in sha Allah....