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Quran 101 Tests

1-Please DO NOT DISCUSS the test at all, with anyone whosoever, in the class until she has already attempted it.
2-Once you open the test, you are not allowed to open any Quran or notes and are required to complete the test in one sitting.
3-Last but not least, REMEMBER Allah (swt) is watching you.


1-There will be 10 word to word meaning questions and 5 tafseer Questions.
2-You will be given words and tafseer Questions from assigned ayah with multiple choice and you have to choose the correct answer.
3-All questions must be answered without opening notes or Quran, so please review your notes.
4-Test will be online and you have to attempt in one sitting.
5-Test must be attempted once and multiple attempt won’t be accepted. Your first attempt will be considered your final attempt.
6-Before submitting plz take a screen shot of your test.
7-Once you submit your test, your test result can be viewed right away on next page, please take a screenshot or picture and send it to your group Incharge.
8-This test will be not be attempted by Fehm ul Quran, Taleem ul Quran and Advance Taleem ul Quran students covering up their missed lesson from this course. They will attempt their respective course test at half juz.

Juz 6 TEST 4
Juz 6 TEST 4
Due Date: March 27th, 2023