About ArRahmah
ArRahma started its online journey in 2007 from New Jersey, USA and provided weekly Tarjuma, Tafseer and Tajweed classes. It initially catered to the needs of sisters in the area and neighboring states but by the special blessing of Allah swt we now serve students globally. All our humble efforts are only for seeking the pleasure of Allah SWT so each person in Arrahma whether teacher,administration or helpers are all working Fi Sabil Lillah. Classes here are offered absolutaly FREE. We only ask for your time,dedication and duaas.

ArRahmah's Aim
To spread the word of our Lord to every person regardless of age,education,location or cultural background ... Arrahma aims at providing very flexible schedule for online classes giving women the freedom to gain knowledge at their own time and place.

Why ArRahmah
ArRahma's unique program is not solely designed for students to graduate with a certificate, but to bring about a positive change in their lives and to enlighten them with the nur of Quran by softening their hearts. Quran is taught in such a way that it becomes easy for anyone joining at any stage of the journey. Tafseer course specially aims on ultimately developing the deepest love for The Almighty, who is truely the one worthy of being loved.